Shawarma Love

My love for chicken is well known. My love for Arabic food as well.

Both come together beautifully when I get my hands on some chicken shawarma. I love finding new places to eat as well. Searching for that perfect one. More often than not, I end up in Al Malla.

My idea of a nice evening starts with buying one chicken and one meat shawarma from Al Malla. Then I walk, deciding which one to eat first to make the whole experience perfect. It always changes. The eagerness to eat the chicken shawarma ASAP versus the desire to keep it till the end and let the taste linger for a bit. As i walk, I eat, listening to music, enjoying the view. Then, after the meal, a cold Ginger Ale or hot black tea. Perfect. Today I had the meat shawarma last. It was nice. But I think I’ll have it first next time. Or maybe two chicken shawarmas! Perfect solution! So many possibilities…

Sigh. There really is nothing like eating a perfect chicken shawarma. Again and again. 😊


I’m an Atheist. I believe in Gods.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

I’m not religious. Far from it. Paradoxically, I do believe in Gods. Visible Gods. Real Gods. Gods that are not figments of imagination. Gods that are not just idols. Gods I can talk to. Gods that answer. Gods that help me in need. Gods that always have the best of intentions. Gods I can count on. Without fail. Consistently.

My Parents.

Why do I need religious scriptures, when I have their lives and experiences as my own unique Bible? Why do I need “Gods” when I have parents like mine?

To me, they are symbols of strength and perseverance. Living proof that no matter what, we can change. That we can still succeed. That good times feel good only because bad times feel bad. That we fall, only so we can learn to pick ourselves up.

Okay. Parents are not perfect. Neither will we ever be. We’re all human. That’s where perspective comes in. We need to see their success and get motivated by it. See their missteps and learn from them.

I acknowledge the fact that I’m incredibly fortunate. I am aware. I am thankful. I am forever indebted.

Happy 30th Anniversary to the strongest couple I know. Here’s to a hundred more! Love you guys more than I can express.

22nd July, 1987

22nd July, 1987

These are my personal viewpoints. Not meant to irritate or enrage. But yeah, if you don’t like them, your opinions are absolutely wrong 😋